New shades of ARRA Beauty

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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
If you followed me on insta, you'll know kalo aku baru aja dapet musibah di awal tahun. Well, musibah yang dialami sebagian besar penduduk Jakarta dan Tangerang. Promise you bakal ada post yang berisi sedikit curahan hatiku tentang kejadian tersebut.  Tapi di post kali ini kita akan step aside topik itu dan membahas tentang ARRA Beauty terlebih dulu. Without further do, let's start...!!!

In English:
First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
If you followed me on insta, you'll know I was just getting through a terrible accident on new year. Well, an unfortunate incident that was happened to majority of Jakarta and Tangerang residents.. Promise you there will be a post of it later. But this time I'd like to step it aside and discuss about ARRA Beauty first. Without further do, let's start...!!!

Tahukah kalian bibir merupakan area kulit yang lebih tipis dibanding kulit tubuh lainnya? Bibir juga dapat mengalami tanda penuaan, jadi nggak ada salahnya untuk memperhatikan sejak dini. Pakai  scrub bisa jadi salah satu cara merawat bibir. Nah, I'd like to tell you guys ARRA Beauty ini menggunakan formula anti aging dan kandungan emmollient seperti shea butter, lanolin dan almond oil.

Uniknya lagi, nama-nama lip matte ARRA Beauty terinspirasi dari nama daerah-daerah di Indonesia. Dan kali ini 2 shade terbaru dari lip matte ARRA Beauty, Dumai dan Lume. If you're looking for a bold color try Lume. Tapi kalau kalian suka dengan warna yang wearable, put on Dumai.

In English:
Did you know that the skin of the lips is thinner than the rest of the skin on your body? Lips will show sign of aging as well. Use scrub could be a way to treat it. I'd like to tell you guys, ARRA Beauty has anti aging formula and emmollient ingredients such as shea butter, lanolin and almond oil.

ARRA Beauty Lip Matte's name were inspired by name of Indonesian area. And here it is, new shades of ARRA Beauty lip matte, Dumai and Lume. If you're looking for a bold color try Lume. But if you love a wearable color, put on Dumai.

ARRA Beauty

Clozette Indonesia

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  1. This is so nice.

  2. Love your blog. Looking forward to reading more!

  3. sounds really great, it's great to know that ARRA Beauty has anti aging formula.

    INSTAGRAM: @julieann_lozada


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