Live Laugh Love

7:38 PM

Live every moment,
Laugh every day
Love beyond words

Details :
Top - ATS The Label | Necklace - Made Different Co x Jovi Adhiguna | Shoes - Gucci

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7 ♥

  1. The shoes look very cool paired with this outfit - I love a print pop in an outfit!

    Rebecca |

  2. You look absolutely super cute and adorable!!


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  4. You must be ready for fall with those earth-tone colours outfit!


  5. Lovely. I believe if there's one thing I should do today to boost my wellbeing, it's have a good laugh.

  6. This is such a great thought... Living life to the fullest is made up of little pleasures that give our lives an even keel, a balance and meaning. It is not of temporary spurts of joy but of much longer sense of serenity and peace of mind.
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